::to the market, to the market::

December 28, 2006

In a very freakish weird way, I have to admit: I find geylang amusing, and yes I do mean the king of all wet market, pasar geylang. The mongers are hilarious! They are always pitching in about the weather, the current economic situations, the ongoing holiday/festivities as means of selling their products, and they do so in the simplest, funniest ways that the average aunties/makciks/nyonyas would so buy into their musings which translates into an actual successful purchase. I’m telling you, their sales tactics are the best!

So yes, you could gather I had to make a trip down to market today and while my mummy was all busy negotiating her hearts out for a $0.50 discount, I was engrossed with people watching. Market crowd could get real tough I tell you. They can push, and push, and push, till they get their way through. And I’m guessing part of the reason for this is that most of these Malay aunties are on the plumper side of life, (I’m praying hard karma does not bite me in the ass with this!) so really, all that shoving gets more effective. I mean seriously, we are all trying to get to the other side of the fish stall, we can walk together now can’t we? Well, apparently we can’t!

Apart from that I fixed my lamp. It’s been quite the discotheque atmosphere in here the past few days. Haha. And! I was cleaning my room too, when I chanced upon some old photos which really, evidently, points to the fact that my modelling skills were either nurtured from young, or was simply in my blood.

Muka steam was clearly already in then.

And even I know hugging your sister was a pretentious camera pose.

I attempted the look away effortlessly.

And this has to be my personal favourite, although I do feel a tinge of remorse having officially put my cousin to shame by exposing his kentalness yang sungguh terserlah. But trust me, he is now, thankfully, one hot dude.


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