sing along on a road trip

December 29, 2006

Caution: Author was high on food during the time she wrote this.

I had a short trip down to Johor the other day with the primary purpose of visiting my seamstress to have my dresses made. Unfortunately, her shop has to be at Larkin, the unglamourous market place cum bus interchange with really not much to look at or eat at, except of course, Macdonald’s, which was really beckoning once my stomach started its ceremonial drum beating, roaring and growling. I was more than happy to have Macdonald’s for lunch of course; I LOVE Macdonald’s. And I was so freaking fascinated with the fact that their meals are super cheap compared to ours! To add to that already overwhelming fascination, they actually served Spicy Beef Foldover! something quite alien to us here in Singapore, so I had to have it. And my oh my, it was damn good maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! The beef was all topped with radishes, slices of onions with creamy mayonnaise and all covered with yummy-yum-yum spicy, pepperish yet tangy sauce. Ooooh, every mouthful was heavenly. No kidding man!! And that’s not all!! You know what else they have??!! Get a hold of this! They had the Spicy Chicken McCrispy! Remember those lovely chicken they used to have here in Singapore once-upon-a-time-in-dreamland, only to have them replaced with the currently ultra-boring McWings, which really put fried chicken all over to shame, because really, its not even the slightest bit tasty! (Yes, I am passionate about my food, especially when it comes to my chicken friends.) Oh my, I remembered savouring those delicious chicken like 7 days a week when they had it last time and how very heartwrenchingly disappointed I was when it was gone!

So yessssss, my point really, is that you should drop by Macdonald’s in Malaysia because their menu raaawks! Trust me and my good taste in food and chicken. Go down to Johor and try them. Haha. Sick! Who goes Johor just to eat at Macdonald’s sey?!! Well, I did, and I was a happier person that day!

My world’s a great one because of you and Macdonald’s! =P



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