all things and people new

January 4, 2007

Yeah! Its back to work! And I wouldnt say I am that thriled to go back and leave tv-viewing and late morning rise behind, but its good to be working again, in some weird sense of it. Alas, my centre has welcomed three new staffs, or rather not so new, in some cases, because its just a mere transfer from other centres, but nonetheless, we grew in strength. So yeah, hopefully its a better year ahead for MPS! Go Mercu!

Its not just new staffs, but new kids too! I had my fisrt batch of newbies yesterday, who weren’t exactly spared of my lecture on life and future yadayada, and they look like a really fun batch and all but looking at them only reminds me how much I missed my last batch of devils. I really do miss their whinings and retards and cranks and all the times they annoyed me and gave me hell, all the times they came knocking through the door in my office and take all my sweets and crackers and leave none for me, and all the times they made me laugh till I cry. Sigh. I miss you people!



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