let off the steam and be merry!

January 12, 2007

I hate ironing. Ironing is the reason why I am always late for work; ok first of all I have a tendency to revisit dreamland after the alarm has went off and been shut, and when I have managed to pull myself out of bed, which is an arduous task in itself, I am then confronted with a daily dilemma: what to wear. I seldom, if never, pick out clothes for work any earlier than that morning itself, because apart from the fact that I’ve never actually got down to doing that, I like my clothes to feel what I am for the day. So every morning it will be a frantic search for suitable combination of work attire, a struggle that is usually compounded by the fact that most often, my laundry hasn’t been done, so its really about piecing in the what’s left in the wardrobe and still maintain an appropriate working look. Now considering how difficult I can get with myself sometimes, and how weird my mood can be every other time, this usually takes a while. So waking up late, taking a long time to pick out clothes, has automatically drastically shortened the time I have left to iron my clothes, and no, I do not compromise on the time I take to shower; I may not look clean all the time, but I am clean all the time. So back to my point, I hate ironing.

But alas! My drudgery towards ironing has reached a pivotal point this year, and I am now the proudly confessed iron freak, all thanks to the new Tefal Aquaspeed 110. Oh! my! gawd! That freaking piece of iron is god send I tell you! It’s a steam iron, for those too slow to see where the aqua comes from, and it makes ironing such breeze. The secret: Ultra glide soleplate makes ironing up to 50 easier (and no, I did not come up with that on my own, I got it off the manual). And before I make myself sound like such a freak on home appliances, let me declare that I do not typically fall in love with irons, blenders, rice cookers, radios, television (yes, maybe), but I guess there’s a first time to everything.

So for those self-confessed ironing rebels, you might want to ditch you current irons and join us, the losers-who-take-a-twenty minutes-to-iron-one-piece-of-shirt, with of course, the help of the (dim background lights and spotlights on, with accompanying holy church choir sound at the back) the Tefal Aquaspeed 110.



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