my second home

January 13, 2007

 Things I See Out of My Office Window. 

Nothing. I work in a cell and I see only walls. I’ve put up some things on the wall, and I’m considering drawing a window complete with a picturesque view of the world outside in a pretentious attempt at having a view. Hmm…maybe I should draw up for five different weather scenes, one for each day of the week: rainy day, sunny day, cloudy day, snowy day, stormy day.

5 Things I Like On My Workstation.

1. Sweets

2. My pink pen

3. My family picture

4. My own office phone

5. The mirror, which I found in the resource room and to which I added glitter on. Heh.

3 Top Places I Buy Lunch From.

(Here in MPS we like to buy food back to the office and eat together and I super love this practice because it saves me from the lunch crowd and the typically hot and humid weather outside, and we always have so much fun making fun of each other while we eat.)

1. Makcik stall at Joo Chiat

2. Jong Ann hainanese chicken rice shop downstairs

3. Makmur Restaurant





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