Of lions, cubs, cats and kittens :)

January 29, 2007

Conversations during lunch centered mainly, and heatedly, over the soccer match which took place on Saturday, when Singapore went head on against Malaysia. It all started with some over-enthusiasts, attempting to rally the rest of us, the waaaaaaaaaaaaay-under-enthusiastic-about-soccer-much-less-local-soccer people into going and supporting the lions (seriously, lions is an ultra overstatement if you ask me! cubs? no, not even cats; kittens yes, maybe) for the finals this I-don’t-even-know-when.

I attempted a rather polite answer, which is nonetheless the truth and nothing but the truth, and that is I have a thing for crowds: I hate them. My head get all wuzzy in close contact with hundreds and thousands of people, and when that does, I get all cranked up and almost anybody who is everybody is a victim. So yes, its for the benefit of the universe that I stay away from crowd-attracting places. And me being me, I couldn’t just stop at a polite answer.

I had, and this I refrained hard from doing, to add that even if I love crowds and all the sweat and smell that comes with them, I wouldn’t be too sure if going through all the extend of traveling, jostling, putting on a red-shirt (and its funny that Asmidoon had to point a stark, extremely hard to miss observation; the whole freaking stadium was wearing red, but the team was in blue. bleargh. ??), holding on to my pee in case I need to because the toilet is nowhere in close proximity, etc is well worth the cause. I mean, did you watch them play on Saturday? I’m no pro footballer, but yes, even with my lack of good knowledge about soccer and everything else that comes with, I it could tell that if anything, the playing was super bad man! Anyone would think that at national level, accuracy in passing and dribbling is a must, but throughout the match, you can’t help but be appalled by the lack of such necessary skills, that it gets embarrassing at some point.

 Don’t get me wrong, all this patriotic fervour about supporting the lions is a good thing; yes, I do think so. But let’s not get carried away with just being there, and with the fact that they merely just made it to land themselves in the finals, to put up with the lack of soccer standard that is in play. So much with making it to the World Cup in 2010. Let’s try 3010. Or maybe not. I could wish that Singapore win the whatever-championship/cup/league that they are playing for now, but unfortunately, if they do, it says a whole lot about the level of soccer we have here in Asia. So yes, take it away.


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