i love saturdays

February 3, 2007

You know what I can’t stand in the morning? I can’t stand it that when I’m late and waiting for a cab, that some inconsiderate bugger steps out of nowhere in front of me, and by some unknown power of the universe, a cab comes driving along and she sticks out her hand, flap it around like some emu and then the unsuspecting taxi driver will actually stop to pick her up. And that’s not all, as if oblivious to the (sweating like a pig from standing under the hot sun for too long) person who was supposed to be the rightful passenger in the cab, aka me, this person avoided any form of eye contact when she and the cab she snatched whizzed past me. URGH. I would run up behind her, pulled her by the hair out of my cab, give her a little of my ninja kick or two, and when she’s lying by the road, too weak too move, get my taxi driver to run her over. I could do that. But well, I don’t think I can run up to her fast enough before she leaves in the cab, so the idea would need a slight improvisation.

My, this oriental onion rings thingamajiggy I’m munching on is damn addictive. It’s gooooooood.  

And today is Saturday. I love Saturdays! : )


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