living a life that I cant leave behind

February 14, 2007


1. My laptop is officially dead and awaiting proper burial, and while I am upset over the loss of a loyal companion who has served me uncountable late nights, the Samsung red laptop is screaming for my name. :)

2. I’m drinking a lot more water nowadays for some health reasons, ok for a specific one. I went for a massage the other day and the masseuse was super kind to tell me that she thinks I’m suffering from some deadly skin disease. Bleargh. You would expect a massage treat to be calming and relaxing but hey! i sat there for nearly 40 mins to this lady going on and on and on and on about how she suspects that I might possibly be suffering from the same skin disease as her fren’s husband, who is, unfortunately for the fren, for her and of course for me, is dead. And then she went on to advice me to go see the doctor and then contradicts herself by saying that well, even if I do go and consult one, they would probably tell me that it’s nothing and then the most they would do is to provide me with some cream for application, but she insisted that I go, and in part to comfort her and for a larger part to shut her up, I promised. Then she persistently advised me to drink lots of chinese tea which, she thinks might just do the trick because it sorts of cools the body hence preventing/curbing this fatal disease that she said I was suffering from. And mind you, if all that was not overwhelming for a person who was just looking forward to a time of pampering and indulgence, she had to speak to me, the whole entire time in Chinese!!!!! Apparently she’s a Malaysian and knows no word of English, but her Malay is just as bad so I was told her I’d probably understand her better in Chinese, and so she did. So yes, just to be super sure, I showed my mum the rash and she said it really isn’t that bad, although! she did say that my late grandfather [and this! is the best part!] actually did suffer from this skin disease once in his life, although he did recover from it. *gasp* Crap! It’s in my genes! Oh! no! :(

3. I went for my appointment briefing today and I hereby proclaim myself to have officially joined the dark side. *evil laugh* To those people I swore I would never be a teacher to, if you could see me now, I am eating my words back. Haha! So yes, will assume duty on the 19 March 2007, which means that I will be officially leaving my current employment on the 28 February 2007. Crap. I!am!so!gonna!miss!this!place!so!freaking!much! :( Must make it a point to be more annoying/irritating/pesky/vexatious to my colleagues since my days are numbered. Let’s pick it up a notch! :P

4. Today is the 14 of February 2007 aka Valentines Day. And yes, while I do not celebrate V-day, I still would like to give a shoutout to those people around me who have cared so much about me and who have been here for me through my everything: my friends, my darling students, my family, my colleagues and last but not least my darling watermelon. You people rawk deep deep ah!



One Response to “living a life that I cant leave behind”

  1. LadyBug said

    hi you!

    you know, i think i was a clown or something in my previous life, that’s the about the only thing i can blame for the accidental and not so accidental clowning every other day. i dont know what to do to myself! tsk tsk tsk.

    anyhoo, sure, let’s link. although i can’t find where u put your links on this page. but yes, i’ll definitely link you.

    i’ve been drinking a lot of water too! but that’s just to stop me from snacking, which in turn resulted in me visiting the toilet every 40 minutes! like someone who cannot control bowels like that. heh.

    have a good day sweets!

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