you made it all worth it

February 22, 2007

So here’s what I did today. I jogged. *gasp* Yeap I did. It was like an instantaneous, on the spot healthy living spur of the moment choice I made at the bus stop on the way home from work while waiting for bus no. 58, which of course took forever to arrive that I could have very well started my jogging there and then and I might just still reached home first before the bus could even arrive at the bus stop. Yes, the bus was that long a wait. So as I was saying, I had this sudden let’s-be-healthy wave of energy in me that I decided to call rara and ask him to jog with me, because trust me, the execution would never have been made possible if it was all me. Speaking of which, I almost even decide to cancel the jog because *shock shock horror horror* I couldn’t find my running shoes! Knowing the fitness freak that I am *coughyeahcoughright* I only own one pair of sport shoe or is it one pair of sports shoe (?) and while I was starting to think that maybe God had made plans for me to stay home and watched television the whole night instead of sweating it out, my mum was able to find the missing shoes. So there, sleepily, grudginly, hesitantly and unwillingly, i jogged. And now my body is still high from the run, and I sense an overwhelming muscle cramps and body aches all over.

 My brother got engaged on Monday, 19 Feb 2007. It was a simlpe affair, only we received overwhelmingly zealous-ness from relatives who came down with gifts for the exchange and seeing how rude it would be turn them down, we ended up bringing over waaaaaaaaaay more stuffs then we should. We do feel bad about it though. =S

For pictures of the exchange click here! My mum made all of the gubahan herself. Not too bad huh? =P


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