listen to the song here in my heart

February 25, 2007

Bleargh. I had a super long and ultra tiring day today.

1) MerQlab training at PRLC @ 9. Of course I was supposed to be there early but certain unforseen circumstances seems to not have that I was punctual. But we did have fun with some of the weird-smells that somehow was unnecessarily produced by some already expired apple cider :S, playing taboo [upon which I took on a new perspectives of the following animals: opposite of cat=dog; monkey friend=gorilla; tak halal + relative of pig=wildboar], arguing whether (a) octopus is a mollusc [yes it is] (b) scorpion is an arachnid [yes it is] (c) millipede/centipede are worms [no they are not] and wondering what in the world a (d) pike is [its a fish] (e) a tick is [oops i forgot about this one!]. Phew. Talk about a mind boggling morning. : P

2) P6 Study Skills Workshop was super fun because basically the tutors and students rawked ultra big time. Freak. I am so super going to miss them all! : (

3) I played scrabble with Chapie and while its still ongoing for the next couple of days, I am already losing!!! Urgh!

4) I watched Dreamgirls, and my-oh-my it is oh-so-boring!




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