we speak our own language

March 2, 2007

Its weird how drawing my last few days at work I’m starting to have all the sappy mental flashbacks + commentaries playing itself on auto-mode in my head. Everytime I get down from the bus and walk towards my office, I could pan out a music video of James Blunt’s Goodbye My Lover and I get all the damn-I’m-gonna-miss-this-place-so-freaking-much vibe all over. In truth, of course I will miss that freaking place. After all the late nights, weekend work, lunch bitching and gossiping, who wouldn’t? I guess I should be thankful for a family I’d never thought I’d fit so comfortably and embraced so lovingly to. Calling each other fat, buying chocolates for everyone to make sure they all get fat, mocking each other’s sense of fashion (or lack of it rather), destroying the photocopier, hogging the photocopier, helping myself to anything and everything in the store (aka Narnia), sleeping on Gamar’s shoulder, magically diving into Gamar’s/Hasmidah’s bag/pocket, jumping on trolleys and then falling from it, having the ongoing scrabble challenge, irritating Seri, the unceasing outpourings of work and personal conundrums; it’s all in a day’s work.

Thanx a bunch bananas for making my first ever work experience to be a jolly good one. I know you’ll miss me.

:: P6 darlings ::

:: O’ Level kids ::

:: bananas ::


*Huggies pampers* + *Fwoggy’s greetings*


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