i’m gonna get by on the high road

March 6, 2007

Me and rara, we went to Johore, supposedly to collect my dresses I sent for tailoring two freaking months ago, only to be super blown over the top when the freaking seamstress said that she was still not done with it! Crap! I took it like a lady and walked away with grace when I was really burning with fury inside, much to the dismay of rara who felt I should grabbed her scissors, pulled her by the collar and threatened to snip off her ponytail if she refused to complete my dresses there and then. Hmm. And then to cut to the chase we had a wonderful day out shopping (I read this book which mentions an article that stated that the typical symptoms of stress are eating too much, impulse buying and driving too fast. Are they kidding? That’s my idea of a divine day!) at Tebrau (that place is super duper!) grabbing shoes, dresses and slamming Dunkin’ Donuts! (I love donuts and anything else that is fattening! :S) before we head out for a scrumptious seafood dinner spread that filled my stomach up till today! Hah! It was nuts! the amount of food we realised we ordered. Really, it was meant for five, no less, but we embraced the challenge whole-heartedly chomping down fresh sweet and sour siakap, succelent ssssambal prawns grilled to perfection, tasty kangkong and, AND sambal! chilli! crabs! Yessss there were a lot of food, but that’s history now that all of the once alive fish and crustaceans are digestively swimming all around in my tummy, but they are freaking worth every Malaysian coin and ringgit maaaaan! It was yummy yum yum I tell ya! So puh-lease, all you food enthusiasts like myself, this is a must try. The place is called Jumbo Seafood and its at Danga Bay; they even provide live entertainment with singers who can! sing and the service is fast and prompt, although you might want to look out for one particular waitress who whip out the menu from her pockets (funky). Realise this; I am not one to sing hearty praises for any kind of services I get, but this one is sure deserving of a mention. Hell yeah!



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