i will forget a lot of things but i will always remember you

March 17, 2007

Yesterday, I had the most rewarding day ever in my short span of career as a teacher. My O’level kids painstakingly planned the bestest farewell party for me and for my colleague who was celebrating her 24th birthday. And whilst I am not blinded by the fact that they may actually be happy to see me go that they took pride in planning the party down to the last detail, I still think it was the sweetest thing ever you could get from your kids, especially them.

People, if you happened to be reading this, you guys are the best, and I do mean each and every single one of you.  Thank you for showing that you care, or at least for pretending that you do. For listening in class, or at least for pretending that you were interested. For handing up your assignments even if it meant using up all my energy just to get you to hand them in. Thank you for all the cheers and laughter. Thank you for making my day every single day. Thank you for the wonderfully beautiful gift, and the even more beautiful memories. Teaching English has never rawked as much as this. Thank you. I am so freaking going to miss all of you. *Huggies pampers*

[you have to see all the rest

: )


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