swinging good time

March 17, 2007

Wow. It has been such a crazy week, and that is perhaps an understatement. Turi Beach sure provided the ultra short, yet much needed rest n de-stress we were all yearning for, although seriously, our street un-smartness and our disgustingly bad sense of direction put us up to a few momentary period of stress, as we wondered if we had indeed boarded on the right ferry,  landed on the right island and willingly given our return tickets and boarding pass to a questionably trustworthy strangerand if we had taken on a reliable van and van driver. We tried the I-have-travelled-the-world looks, which apparently failed miserably because we had strangers asking us if we were first time Batam-visiters, which, unfortunately or fortunately, we were.

So the place was totally off the website, no tricks there, and I really felt so transported into another realm,  so completely different from my current one. The view from our balcony was picturesque. The unceasing and soothing sounds of the lapping waves, rather strongbreeze, rocks beautifully positioned and carfted by the waters and the occasional ang mohs in shorts walking along the beach. If anything the service was relatively prompt, and except for my one banana split that reached me half melted, everything else was served within the day and before the food turned cold. I skipped the message in an attempt to avoid molestation and opted instead for an excruciatinglyrelaxing foot reflexology by one super nice masseuse. We had a couple of rounds of pool, at which I won, and foosball, where again, I reigned. Other than that, there really weren’t much to do unless you chose to travel out of the resort itself so every other time we were just busy taking pictures. : )


[more here]

And knowning how me and sarah are just disasters waiting to happen, I’ll leave you with the most kental-est thing that happened during the trip. Haha. Enjoys! : )


3 Responses to “swinging good time”

  1. Nadiah said

    Wahahahahahahahahahaha!!! the best moment @TuriBeach caught in the act!

  2. far said

    haha! this is too good! must be the concussion from the pepsi-cola earlier la beb..

  3. sarah said

    Thanx ah ppl..swingingly hilarious…wat to say..we are (or just me) disasters waiting to happen…

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