it’s a brand new day and a brand new bag

March 19, 2007

1. I really wouldn’t put in punctuality and waking up early as one of my obstentiously flauntable attribute, although when you put me next to rara, I’m just a saint at making it on time, even early, if you may : ) (and i love you dear, despite all that).  So yes, I am slighty concerned I might unintentionally be held back in dreamland indirectly causing a delay in my arrival for the Teacher Preparatory Programme I’m due for early tomorrow morning. And while I’m contemplating SSD (self-sleep deprivation), I do not want to risk a groggy me tomorrow in the eyes of my fellow moulders of the nation. : P I am a whole mix of emotions right now in part because I realise my face doesn’t exactly scream come here-let’s-be-friends to unsuspecting victims, so I wonder how my social skills will fare tomorrow. Of course, it also does not help that I have began to realise lately that I’m not much of a conversationalist. I opt to think, instead that I am more of a crap-tist, spewing nonsensicality, absurdity to even the point of idiocy, as opposed to orchestrating a decent discourse exchange with people. I’m banking on chancing upon familiar faces that can provide me with an outlet for claptrapping. : )

2. It was another round of gifts exchange yesterday with the girls as we celebrate another year of meaningful friendship. It has been a good long seven years; and we’ve grown so much from the age of innocence (read:blue eyeshadows and bell-bottoms) to struggling pseudo intellects (although maybe I’m just referring to myself there because there are really misfitting smart alecks in our midst) to working ladies just yearning to prove our worth in the real world to the perfect wife/wife-to be. And I’m guessing that while shit happens, friends will only be better friends; especially if you’ve had endured too much a part of your life together. Here’s to timeless, unfaltering friendship.

Of course, it wasn’t just friendship day we celebrated yesterday, it was also Zu’s birthday!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. Happy Birthday Zu! *muacks*

3) Did I mention I received one danging gorgeous bag from Farin as my friendship day gift? Well I did now, and that added itself to the various other gifts I have been receiving of late in view of my leaving Mercu.

Farin: thank you for the pretty bag. We really wished you were here with us but all the same, I can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done. As it is, it is always a pleasure to have someone thinking the way you do, agreeing and disagreeing over the same petty and trivial-est of things, infatuating over the same newest gadgets in the market and so much more! You’ve been the sweetest so here’s wishing you a hell of a friendship day, wherever you are. We’ll see you back here soon. Take super cares. *hugs*


 Tha language of friendship is not words, but meanings.


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