the play ends here

March 19, 2007

So I chose SSD, in part because there’s some weird sense of excitement in me as I grapple the fact that I’m jump-starting a new career today; one I swore I won’t be a part of a year ago. That speaks volume of either (a) how mentally fickled I am, or (b) how mentally unstable I am to actually seriously and realistically try out teaching. Haha. I guess we will know soon enough. After all, why journey through the road less travelled, when, the more popular choice clearly pays more, right?

I think I am in the process of zombie-fication as I am typing this because I think I’m starting to not only find it hard to comprehend my meandering long-windedness which ultimately converge to no substantial point, but I’m also starting to see more letters on the keyboard than I should. I need a cold refreshing shower to wake me up and coffee to perk my senses.

Have a good day everyone, and a good week at that too. : )


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