may guardian angel watch over you

March 25, 2007

If I have not yet made public my incomprehensibly defective sense of direction, let me do it now, just in case some of you out there intends to join the next The Amazing Race Asia with me as your trusted navigational partner only to realise then what a directionless person I am.

When I received my school posting memo, I had not even the slightest idea that such a school existed, much less where it was situated. So for days, I conscientiously looked up the street directory for the school’s location, sbs’ website for the bus route and estimated duration, and had my father explained to me a gazillion times where the school was. And if you ask me, I was all prepared for my first trip to school. All that until I realised that I had reached the wrong school, totally far off of my intended destination, and if not for the fact that school starts at 8, and that I had some weird premonition I would screw myself up and left a bit earlier, I would have been late for school. Crap. Don’t ask me how I had the capacity to basically go wrong with something so well laid out in front of me, because I’m capable of worse. The next day, I ended up at another school yet again, although this time, in my defence, the school was just a short distance up from my school and I totally blame the fact that it was still dark then so getting a bit confused and ending up at the wrong school two days in a row was entirely justifiable. I would not dismiss the plausiblity of ending up in another school on my third day of work, but my father had kindly sent me to school, so I was spared the opportunity of messing up yet again. I’m hoping there really isnt that much school in Hougang left for me to explore, because who knows where I’ll end up next. : P

Well, my dysfuntionally self-destructive behaviour aside, school has been good so far. The girls are all brilliant, although they do get a wee bit too chatty at times (which is totally understandable because there is so much to talk about; barbie doll pencils/pens/erasers, powerpuff files, the latest pink bags/water bottles/jackets/sweaters, the gorgeous new teacher that is taking over class etc), and the teachers, for the most part are really friendly and welcoming. And then of course there’s the sneaking out of school at two which is heavenly if you ask me, but well, I’ll take it while it lasts. : ) And did i mention I get blessed everytime after class? : )


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