the little boy and his toy

March 26, 2007

On top of the busy, jittery week at work that I’ve had, it was also rara’s 24th birthday and attempting to make sure the celebration was the greatest did not come easy. Finding a relief for my tuition class just so I could spend the evening with the birthday boy was ridiculously impossible and I was almost caving in to the idea of postponing the whole celebration. And then when eventually someone, whom I am eternally grateful to, consented to taking over class, it was pouring real bad, again, leaving my outdoor celebration plans to the ruins. But thankfully the rain ceased and after a scrumptious seafood dinner with my self-proclaimed best-est barbecued chicken wings in Singapore, it was crunch time; self-baked cupcakes, candles, sparkles and presents! Cut to the chase, he was a happy boy at the end of the day, and that makes me one hell of a happy girlfriend. : ) Happy birthday dear.

Will I still love you in the morning? Forever and ever.



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