when there’s a will, I wanna be in it : )

April 1, 2007

 First and foremost, I can proudly brag that I have achieved a loudable reading consistency for quite a while now. And despite knowing that I have just suggested ostentiation and exaggeration, because its not like I have read twenty books in the past couple of months, allow me to still express pride in myself for accomplishing an average reading status of one and a half book per month from a mere one book bi-anually. Heh.

My last book was especially over the top hilarious, How To Kill Your Husband (And Other Household Hints)  by Kathy Lette and is definitely a must read! It drives two simple yet overwhelming issues we all could esily relate to, and I quote: 1) people die and 2)  husbands leave you for younger women. The writing was crisp and pointedly funny all the time, and, most importantly, useful for those intending to rid your husbands. I shared the book with rara, who, after reading it, lovingly claims that he understood a very very important lesson. Yeah I hope he does, cause I sure picked up more than just a couple of handy household tips from there. : )

School on the other hand has been fantabulous, and even though work has picked up pace faster than I had anticipated, everything still seems so miraculously enjoyable, an experience a far cry from my last teaching one. So yesss, I am still all out to impress, and hopefully be given the thumbs up to join NIE in June. Insyallah. : )

Let’s have a good week peeps.

:: Suffering is a form of purification ::


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