bring me back a whole family of koala bears

April 3, 2007

If not for the fact that this Friday is a holiday thereby 1) significantly cutting one busy working day 2) allowing me to catch up with a really much needed beauty sleep and lastly 3) chancing me to catch up with some friend (s) I’m just dying to meet, this might just have been one of the most dreadest-est week ever. Rara is away on a holiday in Australia which means just one miserable week apart! And considering he’s the one I run to for nothing and everything, I feel so lost.

 For one, I know I can’t disturb his sleep and compel him to chat and accompany me on my way to work in the morning. Then I can’t call him to say how some girl in class say the darnest of things which is so irresistably cute or on the other spectrum, so annoying, but still cute. I also can’t call him to tell him how I embarrassingly either went to the wrong class or went to the right class but at the wrong period, or how I plausibly tripped or even, more likely, lost my way to either school or home. And then there’s no one to have lunches and dinners and suppers with me, and no one to follow me shopping, and who better to tag along on my shopping spree then rara. He carries all my shopping bag; he doesn’t whine about being tired, because trust me, shoppipng beats a 2.4km run when you are with me, and plus, he gives all the diplomatic answers everytime- its reassuring; he’ll take me to all the shops: from parkway to bedok to one part of tampines to another in search of whatever it is that I’m looking/craving for until I finally get it. It’s true they say absence makes the heart grows fonder, but please come back soon. You can call me when I’m watching all my favourite shows: Prison Break, Grey’s Anatomy, Heroes, Desperate Housewives, CSI, Ugly Betty, Survivor, Amazing Race, American idol (even the part where Chris Richardson is singing) and I won’t be pissed. In fact, I’ll gladly turn the television off to speak to you. Just please come back soon oks. : (



2 Responses to “bring me back a whole family of koala bears”

  1. zuzu said

    Hey babe! now i understand your heading for this entry… koala bears!!! haha! really pun-intended kan????

  2. far said

    haha..he asked me what i want so i said i want koala bear. But it would be mean to take a baby koala apart from its parents, so i said take them aaaaaalllll back! : )

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