from one weird thing to another

April 6, 2007

1. Let’s start with last week. For those who were uninformed, I have had a pet hamster for a while now. Gladly, this hamster is one of the longest surviving pets in the history of my younger brother’s pet fetish, and is still, thankfully alive today. And I’m guessing in part proud for his pet-keeping ability, he decided to bring home another hamster, kindly given by his friend who apparently sucked so bad at looking after hamsters. So yeah, now I have two pet hamsters, although the new one really really just looks so much like a rat he reminded me of Splinter from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. : ) We were apprehensive about putting the two hamsters, Mimi (the old, so well-fed and lazy hamster that look just like a giant furball) and Kiki (the new, scrawny, malnourished, pee-a-whole-damn-lot rat) together because considering both are males and we do not want them to start tearing each other’s fur apart. But minus the occasional squeaming that could be heard all the way down in my room, (yes, hamsters do squeam) there hasn’t been any serious battles taking place.

Then one day after work I took a sit by the cage and was so shocked to know that I was freaking breeding gay hamsters! ARGH! Goodness gracious! Talk about raging hormones! My poor, fat Mimi! A victim of of uncontrallable rat-tish lust. It was quite an amusing sight really because you could see Mimi trying to push that rat away but he’s just to fat to do that. Haha! Anyhow every now and then it’s not hard to tell that Mimi attempts to keep a safe distance from Kiki. He sleeps high up in the tower by himself and anywhere safe from the gay rat. 


2. And then somewhere on Thursday, yet another strange thing happened. But this was strangely cute. I had my first Health Education lesson with a Primary 1 class, and we all know just how adorable Primary girls can be, right? So I got them all seated on the floor for discussion and when I instructed them to get back to their seats for written work, I noticed a girl nearing me up in proximity and then, without warning, just planted a kiss on my shoulder. I had initially thought she wanted to smell me, and as much as THAT would be weird, at least it would still be comprehensible understanding how nice I smell (and I do smell nice okay, because one of the P5 girl said I smelled like marsmallow, which I take to be a compliment because marmallows are sweet and anything sweet is always a compliment =P) Hah! The thing was there were so many other girls crowding around me at that time so it was really hard to pick out which one was she. Then, nearing the end of lesson where girls were busy handing in their work on my table, the girl came up to me again and kissed my right arm. I shot her a bewildering look, and with such innocence, she smiled and kissed my left arm. Hah! I mean I know I am gorgeous but stop it already. Student teacher relationship, especially a girl-student, girl- teacher relationship can definitely hurt a career which has not even taken off yet. So really, me and my lack of bright ideas, I just stood there and smiled at her and before I knew it she said, “Teacher, I love you.” Hmm….

Lesson learnt: Students are never too young to be taught sex education. I mean if at Primary 1 they can go around explicitly expressing such affection to people they have just met for about fifteen minutes, be afraid, be very afraid of what they are capable of when they are in Primary 3.


2 Responses to “from one weird thing to another”

  1. anonymous said

    stop heaping praises onto yourself. Remember that God can take away what He has given. attain humility. u need it. badly.

  2. far said

    i guess the art of sarcasm is perhaps something you haven’t mastered, but well, thanx for the reminder! i’ll try to remember that considering you’ve taken the extra effort to remind me to! God bless you. : )

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