i won’t lose a wink of sleep

April 17, 2007

About 2 weeks ago, I was almost dying from wanting a laminating machine. And I’m the sort of person who must have what I want; there, I’ve said it. So yes, I guess back then I really just wanted to do so much with it I wanted to get one for myself.

I knew that Giant hypermart was selling laminating machines for $79.90, which is a screaming bargain if you ask me because if you go down to Popular bookshop or any other office/stationery shops, it’s hardly fetching a price below a hundred. So there I was at the new Giant hypermart. Man I hate that place. It was sooooooooooooooo swarmed with people and trolleys and everything else it was just an ongoing commotion! And to add to the uninviting atmosphere, they did not have the laminating machine that I wanted in A3. Crap.

Lucky for me I have a fighting spirit when it comes to shopping so the next day, me and rara headed down on the quest for my $79.90 A3 laminating machine.

1) First stop, Parkway Giant hypermart. Did they have the laminating machine? Yes. A3? Yes. $79.90? NO! it was $198.00! Imagine that! Same model, same brand, and the price was more than doubled! Freaking crap!

2)  Second stop, Bedok Giant hypermart. Did they have a laminating machine? No. Did they even have a Giant hypermart at Bedok? NO! Kwang! Kwang! [Talk about temperature rising by the way]

3) Third stop, Tampines Big Bookshop. Did they have a laminating machine? Yes. A3? No. They did however have a really big protractor that came in really handy since I was starting to teach Angles. : )

4) I really wasn’t happy so rara took me to Tampines Popular which only sells A3 laminating machine at the price of a handphone.

So yes. I didn’t get the A3 laminating machine I super badly wanted and I really felt like crap. But guess what! I went to Parkway for lunch yesterday and dropped by Giant and what the!freaking!hell! They were selling the A3 laminating machine for fifty nine dollars! Cut to the chase, I’m a proud owner of a new A3 laminating machine. Yeah!


7 Responses to “i won’t lose a wink of sleep”

  1. zuzu said

    i wan to borrow i wan to borrow ur laminating machine or better still u can get for me one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooohooooo!!!! haikz!

  2. mrlobaloba said

    all your hard work pays off!! good to know u have a laminating machine. so whats next? binding machine? a photocopy machine which can transform into robots? hehe…

  3. far said

    oooh yess!! laminating machine. then the paper cutter. then a binding machine! a new 3-in-1 printer! woohoo! i’m a freaking geek!

  4. zuzu said

    eh girl… i wanna ask u… are u also entitled to the 400 bucks moe gives for trs to claim things for educational purposes??? if u are, u can SO CLAIM ur $59!!!! :-P

  5. far said

    i dun think so yet ah..if i heard correctly i’m only entitled to that after my nie..once i am a full-fledged teacher.. : ) and even then, i’m already eyeing the atom xda phone..kwang kwang kwang!

  6. zuzu said

    ewah ehah! nak melebih-lebih lak… PELAN PELAN KAYUH dulu kat NIE, lepas tu baru boleh fikir kat ur Atom Xda phone! muahahahahahhaha!

  7. zuzu said

    oh my goodness! so many typo error… oh well nvm! ur so clever u’ll get wat i meant… ;-)

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