i’m sorry to burst your bubbles

April 21, 2007

I treated myself to a cup of ice blended chocolate oreos under the pretext that I had toiled a long and hard week and therefore deserving of an ice cool break, although in all honesty, I get a cup of bubble tea each time I happen to accidentally, or not, pass by a bubble tea shop. And contrary to tempting logic which might coerced or passively induce you into thinking that the black chewy little moles of flour in the tea are the supposed ‘bubble’s in ‘bubble tea’, they are not. Bubble is a small globule typically light and hollow, produced when you blow into your drink, or, a terminology you conveniently use to refer to someone constantly breaking his/her promise to you aka Khairudin Ngek Ngok. Rather, those fat-inducing balls of flour are what you call pearls, which apparently, and funkily now comes in two sizes; big and small! : ) So remember ok people,  *cough*seri*cough*shahfie*, it’s one honeydew milk tea without pearls, not without bubbles! Kwang kwang kwang!



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