the perfectalicious life, the utopias

April 21, 2007

Things I would really just love to do, grounded by reality, impossibled by the lack of time, perpetually shelved by unceasing imperative demands.

1. Take up sewing. I oh-so-badly want to make beautiful dresses and skirts and blouses from pretty floral garments. That and the fact that 1) I have officially banned myself from sending my garments for tailoring based on either my skyscraping expectations of the end product, which rarely, if never meet my standards or simply the list of inept seamstresses I’ve been attached to and 2) the stark atrocity of how so ‘cliche’ and mass-produced clothes are in this day and age. My sewing machine ( has been left alone for far too long.

2. Take weekly strolls by the beach with rara tossing frisbee and then picking it up from my constant inability to catch it, play catch, and jumping and running around at the playground with all the other kids like myself. Wowee! Juinor juice!

3. Write. I would freaking love to have my own book. And yes, I am fully aware of how ridiculously absurd that sounded but well, a girl can have her own freaking dream.

4. Learn to cook. Ooooh imagine having the power to whip up croissants, cakes, breads, pastas, pies… I will have to get down to this some day. Some day.

5. Sit down with a nice chilled cup of nescafe, a book in hand and play literati/scrabble/monopoly/any other board games that I stand a chance of winning in for that matter.

Oh wouldn’t that be the life that I crave.



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