the rise of my material instincts

April 21, 2007

Temptations are hard to fight, but it helps when you are financially malnourished and could not fufill your material lusts. Thank God for that. But there’s nothing from preventing me from making a mental checklist of my current fetish, and well since we never know if anyone decides to be generous, here goes. : )

1. The white and pink, glittery puma watch.

2. O2 XDA Atom Exec phone.

3. Vaio laptop.

4. A black Suzuki swift.

5. A 5-room hdb flat in Pasir Ris.

: )



2 Responses to “the rise of my material instincts”

  1. mrlobaloba said

    banyak masa eh update blog hari-hari and even posting up till 3 posts in one day.. tsk tsk

  2. far said

    Yeah that’s what happen when you have piles n piles n piles of worksheets and corrections to mark. you sit in front of your computer, get groggy, start thinking of sweet escapes n you get into your own dreamworld. Anything but mark. Anything.

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