flying high and falling hard

April 26, 2007

Oh crap. American Idol was just such a freaking disappointment today. I was waiting for someone to be booted out, as much as I am aware that Chris Richardson was on the hot seat and a highly plausible candidate to leave; but it had to be a non-elimination leg. And the worst part of it all for me is the whole supposed stint of ‘Idol Gives Back’. What the crap!?! So much for vote to keep your Idol in the game, while at the same time helping others and  the judges relentless comments yesterday about how the show has just only started, suggesting what tough competition the contestants have put up, indirectly garnering for the masses’ support. If you ask me, these are just lame, deceptive publicity stunts. A good end, does not justify the means. So yes, the agenda was driven and purposeful, but to rally people into voting to ‘keep their favourites in’ when in actual fact nobody was leaving at all was just freaking bull, if you ask me. Sure, nothing wrong with asking for donations especially if its for a good cause, and it was definitely brilliant to do one through such a commercialized and popular reality show, but still, I just felt so cheated. ) :




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