pick me. choose me. love me.

April 30, 2007

Rara has finally modified his PSP, and with so many exhilarating, titillating, head/heart banging games stored inside, I oh-so-regret giving him the PSP. I should have kept!it!for!myself! Urgh! Darling, just so you know, now that you’ve kindly lent me your PSP, you are never going to get it back. Sonic and Ryu said they prefer me playing it because I win a whole lot more than you and now that I know how to use power already, I’m INVINCIBLE! Please do not think I’m kidding. There is no way I’m handing over the PSP. Although if you really want it back badly, we can do a mutual swap, and I hereby offer you a few suggestions.

1. Your car keys and on top of that you are still paying for petrol, coupons, monthly installments, taxes and everything else.

2. Nintendo DS Lite with all my favourite games PLUS the puma watch.

3. Sony VAIO laptop.

4. Atom XDA Handpone.

Its either one of these, or all if you’d prefer, or you can kiss your PSP goodbye. Wowee!Junior juice! The power of negotiation. I know you know I’m good at it and I know you love me for it! :)



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