flea-ing good time

May 13, 2007

After an entire week of burning sore throat, fever, a runny nose that could have possibly used up tissue papers enough to decapitate an entire rainforest, and ground-shaking coughs, I think, and I definitely feel so much better. And what better way to recover than to have the most wonderful-lest time with people who can never fail to muse me with their constant ravings, craptastic meanderings, bull-sheetas lame-ass jokes and riddles, coordination deficiency and the likes. ( :

The LIME Flea market rawked big time and Blur Blurp did pretty well considering our amateurism. Thank you for those who supported us, and especially to those who came all the way down; regardless of whether you made it there in time, or not. Haha! ( :

Liza and rara; it wouldn’t be as great any other way. You are my thrill-apists. You are my blessings.




One Response to “flea-ing good time”

  1. Liza said

    Hahahahah. Thanks for being such a GREAT sport about this! Man, am i glad to have done this. I always feel accomplished after doing whatever i’ve listed down in my trustee diary.

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