it’s almost like nothing at all

May 16, 2007

The driving license in my wallet is probably the most worthless possession I have up to date. After all the years; yes, years, my driving has only gotten worse that even I fear I would drive up a tree and crash whoever’s car it is that I’m driving. How I dream of driving up to NIE so I wouldn’t have to spend hours slogging in the train and getting tired before I even reach school but with me driving, hey! whose to say I would even reach school at all?! Just the other day I almost sandwiched Rara’s car between two other cars because apparently I should’ve given way because it was a merging lane. Oh. I have to give way. And then there was once upon a time I almost hit a lorry, drive up a curb, killed a man who just appeared on the road out of nowhere, and almost, almost severed my daughter-father relationship with my dad who simply just rots in agony when I take the driver’s seat, which throws me off completely because he displays such a biased attitude towards my brother driving the car as opposed to myself, and oh-come-on-already, I wouldn’t want to kill him with me in the car, would I? There. I think I’m born to be chauffeured.




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