i’m getting old and i need something to rely on

May 30, 2007

Hoooola. I’m still alive, much to your despair, I am sure, and very much kicking and eating as any living soul would do. It has just been a time of school holidays and the Great Singapore Sale so I’ve been dedicating my time to complete tv-watching, shopping, sleeping, eating, jogging *gasps*, and good old nothing-ness.

Anyhow it had been a busy week of weddings and birthday parties. And guess who just joined the Desperate Housewives Club?

Yeah! Congratulations Naini! My true-est hockey buddy from the days of Samad-madness, torturous-running-around-the-school/tracks/neighbourhood, a-series-of-unfortunate-and-unceasing-defeats, stick-whacking and ball-flying era. Man. TPJC hockey team may have sucked (although not as bad as the boys’ team *hurhur*) but the sweltering training and self-ridiculing attempts at hits and misses, in which I am the self-proclaimed expert, were sure fun as hell.

So here’s wishing you to a life of eternal bliss, constant happiness, and everlasting love. We all look forward to little Nainis and Azwans. : )


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