pink, purple and green

June 4, 2007

I am in the midst of cleaning up my room, a task I should have duly completed last week but clearly procastination has brought me nowhere. And whilst I have set myself on partially getting the job done tonight, only God knows if that would actually happen. I had intentionally strewn all the drawers of clothes and boxes of bags out into the (once) open floor hoping that the mess would eject me out of my state of inertia and compel me to get cleaning. An idea which seemed real ingenius until 1) I can’t even spot a tile on my own floor  and 2) making my way to my own bed seemed like braving through an enchanted forest; creeping tendrils of long tangled skipping ropes, mini clothes-hill you must be careful not to step on, a tower of drawers piled on top of one another crumbling at the slightest touch…you get the picture. I have tonnes of clothes I need to sort out, half of which I know I must throw out because 1) they have mysteriously shrunk and is just impossible to fit into or 2) seemed so dubiously from another eccentric fashion era that being caught wearing them deserves a sentencing of some sort. The problem is there’s just so much much mess to clear that it is a headache to even know where to start. This is indeed going to be a long night ahead but the thought of a natty, immaculate state of room keeps the freak in me alive.     



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