random updates

June 12, 2007

1. After a week long of piled up clothes/papers/plastics/boxes/books/magazines/bags and God-knows-what-else, I have finally cleared my room of the unnecessary. It seemed an eternity since I last did some serious spring cleaning around here, judging from the boxes of clothes/bags I gave/threw away. In a more than timely coincidence, the kids from Bedok View Sec had a collection drive for unwanted clothes they are intending to get sent to Indonesia to help the less fortunate; and with the amount of clothes I gave away to them, I sure felt quite like the philanthropist.

2. I had to meet my financial adviser to settle some discrepancies on a new Prushield package I just joined and after a whole round of grown-up talk on investments, I am so surged to get invested on something. Unfortunately though, my priorities are not making any concessions for any money-making ventures as of yet, so that would be something I can only work on in the hopefully near future. Dang.

3. I had to get my disposable lenses today and I risked a new optical shop near my house instead of the one I typically frequent. It was a risk worth taking because the optician was one of the greatest I’ve had in a while looking at her perfection in just getting the right adjustments of my degree and my astigmatism. I mean, really. She wasn’t pushy and insistent on sales-making in its entirety, and was really helpful and genuine in her recommendations. If I am at any liberty of giving out the GEMS award, I’d give it to her. We all love a good buy; and with the extra service thrown it, who wouldn’t feel great?

4. I have a date with Sarah Shaolin Sharapova in two hours time because finally, we are realising our KL trip. Wowee!





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