mimi, kiki, mami poko pants

June 13, 2007

So remember my date with Sarah Shaolin Sharapova yesterday? Yeah. She blew me off. Bleargh. And whilst under any normal circumstances I would get just over-the-top-frustrated for the nerves to cancel when I am already on my way, I totally forgive her on grounds that 1) an ultimate deadline is definitely justifiable to cancelling an outing and 2) between me and you, I think she’d be suffering mentally, spiritually and physically quite a bit being stuck with me for the next 4 days thereabout, so that probably makes up for this cancellation. : ) I would have asked Rara to fill in on her behalf if not for the fact that he was busy fridge-shopping elsewhere in Singapore with his parents so there I was, all alone, getting us tickets and hotel reservations in Malaysia. God knows if we will end up in KL at all.

On a different note altogether, my two hamsters are ballooning like nobody’s business which comes as no surprise seeing they grab every bit of food anybody offered them. Their latest food fetish includes pandan cheesecake, chestnuts, bread, corns, cupcakes, and oh! it seems they love ice-cream too. : ) 

Mimi busy with what he’s good at, and he’s not even the fat one. Plain adorable this one.


2 Responses to “mimi, kiki, mami poko pants”

  1. Liza said

    ok..umm..shoot. Now i shd feel guilty. Go with your mother lah Farhanna! Or what about Nadiah??I’m busy with my 46 kids and Cambodia to plan. I!am!going!Cambodia!!!oh no oh my, can we do dis someday??u me, we the hippies.just us both, and our FIERCE INDIE spirits.

  2. far said

    FIERCE INDIE spirits kebabai! I honestly do not think that whining about the supposed “unending” and “unfulfilling” bus ride counts the slightest bit as that! Oooh. I sense sore-ness. Backpacking hippies-kental style; sures. But not when I have signed a three-year bond and is required to be in school!

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