i don’t want to grow up

June 21, 2007

Apparently people weren’t the slightest bit kidding or exaggerating when they say it takes more than 2 hours to get to NIE from Pasir Ris; a shuddering reality I’ve had to confront for the next few journey-miserable months of my life. Sure, we all know teachers have exhibited suicidal tendencies in some part or other of their careers but that does not entirely validate establishing our institute near the cemetery now does it? It has only been two days and my butt is already complaining from the unending ride. Crap.

Misery aside, I have made a couple of endearing teachers-to-be in NIE, one of whom, fortunately for me and not-so-for-both-of-us also stays in Pasir Ris. *Kwang kwang kwang* Despite our brief encounters, we have sorted out our clear visions for the upcoming semesters: 1) visits to Jurong Bir Park, Snowcity, Science Centre and any other places of interests in the West (so as to fully utilise our train rides) 2) make full use of the sports and recreation facilities in school for one reason or the other : P 3) embark on an overseas trip at the end of the semester. Those, and getting our grades right where we want them to be: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up there! : ) If anything, we hope to be living examples of teachers who have a life.




2 Responses to “i don’t want to grow up”

  1. zuzu said

    you started nie already????? cooolies! the train ride can be well utilised babe! catch up on ur sleep!!!! LOL

  2. far said

    Well it hasn’t actually started yet. Had to go there twice for registration and stuffs but now back to school for school experience lor. Wont be long till I have to though.

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