time capsule

June 24, 2007

I’ve never had the liberty of a stay-home mother since I was young; a fact that I very much cherish because my siblings and I know very much how damn hard my mother works and we are proud of her like that. So what that means for me is I grew up for the most part with my grandparents, quite apart from my elder brother because I think back then he was old enough to look after himself so he stayed full-time with my parents and my younger brother wasn’t already born then. On the other hand, I was under the tender loving care of my grandparents who adored me to bits because I remember always singing and dancing for hours in front of the television with a brush in hand while they slogged to do my homework for me. Hah. Honest. My kindergarten books were written the way my grandfather prefered to write; in capital letters, and I vividly remembered him tracing pictures from other sources and then colouring them on my behalf. Looking back actually, I think I have badly failed them because my singing and dancing seems commercially underwhelmed. We put up at my uncle’s house which, today, remains in the same state of stillness as it was in its yesteryears. (He’ a bachelor, so its understandable as that.) Looking at the bright side, everytime I go his place, everything just seems so preserved; the clock my grandfather used to wind every day, the basket chicken ornament on the wall, the spinning wooden chair we kids used to have our haircuts on (my uncle’s a tailor and apparently our personal barber too =P), the old rusty sewing machine, my grandfather’s big collection of video tapes (all labelled meticulously down to the very detail), the creaky doors, the old classic black and white photos of passing youths, the retro tiles yada yada. That place brings back so much memories. I think before long we might start having to pay anytime we enter his house because it would and could easily be convertible to a museum.

If only we could really freeze time, then you’d still be here with us.



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