no sweat?

July 4, 2007

The heat. Oh.the.sweltering.heat. I’m definitely sleep deprived from the heat. And I know, at times like this, my parents must be fervently wishing deep down in their hearts that they should have took to my suggestion of installing the air-conditioners instead of being the stubborn, pro-natural-sea-breeze people that they are. True, we do get strong winds most of the time in part of our state of high-rise-ness and our proximity to the beach, but at other times where there’s nothing but dead heat, we just stay roasted. Sweaty and roasted.


One Response to “no sweat?”

  1. Liza said

    Hello!!It’s HOTT??hard to notice when u’re stuck in the office aaaallll the time, only to shuffle between rooms and spaces and people and places.ugh. it gives me a headache. work is a killer every end of the month. i really hope i dun burn out by the time i go to cambodia, ya noe? hey, we shd make a road trip ok?next year. what say u and me? i’ll go where u wanna go.not m’sia PLSSsss…

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