‘hell yeah’ moments

July 15, 2007

1) This morning, I engaged in a really amusing conversation with my taxi driver, who candidly suggested/implied that my ‘good’ (the conditions of which remains highly elusive) look was very likely the driving (pun intended) factor behind my one-time-driving-licence-acquisition. That got me laughing to the madhouse and back. Yes. If only. If only I could just exploit the tools of modern cosmetics and paint myself to a standard of driving believability that my tester would be so entranced. enthralled. spellbound. by my ‘good’ looks that he would pass me regardless of my driving skills. Wouldn’t life be so great then. A touch of eyeshadow, a brush of rosy pink cheeks and lipstick, not forgetting the lip gloss for enhanced effects and I would be able to configure reality to suit my needs. R.i.g.h.t. Thank you for crediting me for my innate formula one driving ability; for my skillful manoeuvres through the multi-shape courses and parking slots; for my dexterity and crafty motor coordination. Well, at least I knew on some inexplicable level he ‘thought’ I had a ‘good’ look. Kwang kwang sia.

2) Later in the day I went to the freaking-jam-pack Singapore Expo with my mum and aunts and we brought back tonnes of tropical fruits. Haha. We went ‘oooooooh’ and ‘eeeeeeuw’ to some of the wedding stuffs on display; my mum being the chief critic of all things all time, even when her opinions weren’t quite sought after. Anyhow, I love weddings and everything that comes with it. My cousin is finally getting married, so wooooohooooo. Can kaypoh kaypoh. : )      


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