the one thing that made it hard was you

July 22, 2007

My room is swarmed with gifts I received from the little brats in school considering Friday was my last day in OLN. The little self-made cards, indulged with the sincerest wishes are most heartwarming; with the little hearts, a drawing of what I interprete to be quite a horrid-looking monster, but one, that I reckon is actually me (which makes me wonder if the failure to execute a better illustration of myself was because 1) the kids are just simply lacking artistic skills to conjure me up from colour pencils and crayons or 2) that’s really just how I look like to them- a horrid-looking monster). All the same, its a great feeling to be appreciated. Even my mentoring teachers gave me some parting gifts, and of course, coming from them, means so much more because they have already given so much in terms of their time, effort and experiences. For sure, my time spent in OLN was one of the greatest.

The weather was so gloomy today with the more than occasional drizzle that is so dampening. Nonetheless, it was a day well-spent with my mum and aunt visiting a sick relative in hospital and then baju-kurung shopping for the few special occasions coming up. Man. Baju kurungs are such beauty; especially those with the added sequins and beadings. Ooh lala. There was this one that was practically screaming for my name, so I had to have it. So now I have a new dark turquoise one to my collection. Lovely.

On an entire sidenote, my mother has been so supportive of my many decisions that I think more often than not, I gave her less credit than she deserved. Well, she’s been the best, if I ever fail to mention, and when I grow up, I want to be just like her. ( :

(Liza, we have to meet before you leave. Otherwise I won’t bless your trip. Farin, the wedding was beautiful.)



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