you can bring on the sunshine

July 24, 2007

What I did today, I liked. I fully exploited the art of friendship actually, but had a lot of fun doing that.

School hasn’t reached a level of excitement I was hoping for yet in part because its only been the orientation week, and the rounds of lecture briefings are really quite a waste of time if you ask me, but all the same they have been useful, and I am looking forward to attending lectures and tutorials because they sound really fun and the lecturers seems really cool. I had a teambonding activity yesterday which I thought would work just fine for secondary and jc students, but definitely not for working adults like ourselves. It was c.r.a.p. to say the least, but I did meet my groupmates for a particular project I would be working quite often with, and despite of course the range of talents in the group; from the over-zealous to the ouright eccentric, there are the many in-betweens I have managed to get myself acquainted with.  

After school I finally, finally caught the much raved about Transformers (robots in disguise :P). And that, has to be one of the whoa-west movie in the history of whoa-ness. The e.f.f.e.c.ts. are brilliant. (Yes,  I know that the whole world has probably got down to saying that and I’m plausibly the last but who cares. It deserves a re-saying.) I do think they could have chosen a better person to play the lead actor, and in that sense I mean better in terms of looks and physical make-up, but the robots and everything else were just excellent, so that sort of weigh out his un-cuteness. But yes. Finally. I watched it.

And lastly, on the note to cheer just feel good, I bought myself the watch I’ve been wanting to get since like forever. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.




2 Responses to “you can bring on the sunshine”

  1. Stranger in Moscow said

    I think Shia LeBeauf is cute.

  2. far said

    Hehe. I’m sure he is. Just not quite my cup of tea. And we will agree to disagree. :)

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