forever strawberry fields

July 25, 2007

Today, school starts an hour later than usual, and since Jnnh is driving, we have ditched 2-ool’s “ah beng car by day, mobile clubhouse by night” for hers. That, despite the fact that 2-ool left house an hour early yesterday just to send us to school in time for our lesson. That makes us like the biggest ingrates ever. Heh. However, I honestly think 2-ool will cherish the lone ride to school today possibly since its the only time he could have peace to himself. Plus, he would be able to blast his stereo to his outlandish song choices without being constantly ridiculed by us. So there. I’m sure we made his day.

Although. I really really really do not feel like going to school today. I’ve had this bad cold since yesterday I think due to the weather and from being in the air-con for far too long. 2-ool’s car yesterday was like a freezer which sparked the sneezing and the sinus as it is, and the cold night yesterday I think didn’t help either. Bleargh. I’m not even out yet and already I’m so lethargic. Urgh. Thank goodness its a really short short day today.



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