mad.ness. uninvited

July 30, 2007

I’m having a three point ulcer attack in my mouth, two sides and centre, and it sure hurts quite a bit. My throats starting to sore up and the phlegm and mucus are already dropping by. I can.not believe I’m sick again. I was just sick a few months back. This is quite imposible. I would not go to school, but the whole stringent attendance taking crap is compelling me to. It’s just too early in the days to get an mc. I really wasn’t supposed to be sick yet. It’s too soon.

Anyhow, glad that 2-ool is also having classes today so that saves a whole lot of travelling. That bugger and his ah-beng sidekick can be quite a saviour. ( :

Did I mention? My hamsters gave birth again!!! Weeeeeeeeeeee. I really hope the young ones will stay alive this time and develop into one of those really cute small baby hamsters that you just can oh-so-crush-in-your-hands. Haha. That was a self-saddistic moment. In all seriousness. I really hope they make it. The problem is we still do not know which of the parents is male and female. Haha. I know: what the hell. Who in the world breeds hamsters without ascertain-ing their genders? Well, apparently we do, but it was a really complicated story I doubt anyone would understand, but all the same, let’s all cross our fingers for these four nude pink minute ones ok!



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