so call my name, take my hand

August 4, 2007

School at the other end of the world isn’t getting on that badly. Despite the introductory week that it was supposed to be, we have been warned, module after module, about the impending truckloads of assignments due. How very thoughtful of them. Classes will drag until really late these next couple of weeks, but I’m sure brighter days will follow. I’ve made some of the nicest, kindest, selfless and most resourceful of friends, which is exactly what I need, considering I also have the weirdest, loudest, craziest roomates ever; my sanity hangs on the balance. But it has been great nonetheless. And I don’t know why but I know it will only get better.

My cold is finally better, and my appetite is back with a vengeance. Oh no. And if you were wondering at all, no, our poor baby hamsters did not make it past the second day. ) :


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