where are you now?

August 10, 2007

Funny how my life is revolving around dictated circumstances like as though I play no part in engineering my own freaking life. It’s strangling. Sometimes when you fall, you just do it so hard, you’d wish you’d rather die so you don’t have to live with the consequences of your broken self.

School has definitely been helpful. I especially love my English classes. The modules are very enriching and interesting at once, not to mention purposeful (as oppposed to learning the Egyptian, Babylonians, Roman and Mayan numerals, which, of course drives no sensibility to practicality). And yes, it doesn’t kill to have a really cute English tutor who has an adoring habit of tucking his shirt, is helplessly polite and swooningly well-mannered, intellectually humoured and speaks English so well you’d skip classes with the intention of having a one to one coaching from him on a separate session. I accidentally, or not, dropped my eraser and he actually helped me pick it up. Oh my. So gentleman do exists. It is so unfortunate that his modules are ending pretty soon because seriously, people like him, is what English is all about.

Maths, as always, is detest-ful. B.l.e.a.r.g.h. I can’t do Maths even if you’d pay me to (yes, many can testify to that, I’m sure). And there’s just something turn-off-ish about Maths professors and tutors (and if I could lay my ‘karma immunisation’ card, I’d do it now) in general; they just cannot get my attention. Maybe its the whole alien language of numbers and what not. Maybe they are just boring. I don’t know. But they don’t rawk at all. ) :

I’m returning to my white oak tree. So tell me when you’re going to let me in. I’m getting tired and I need somewhere to begin.





5 Responses to “where are you now?”

  1. Zuzu said

    haha… i remembered the Mayans, Babylonians, Egyptians and of course the Romans…. yup, it doesn’t make sense for me to know then…. and yes, it doesn’t make sense to me to know them now…. BUT kids find them interesting….

  2. far said

    Yah. Geeky-eeky-maths-freak kids would find them interesting. And if had to sit for that module you’d probably know the Prof who teach it. Euw. She’s mean. She’d call you to give the answers and puts no effort at all to be tactful when you give the wrong answer, which in my case, is just the case. She’s fearful. ): Anws you should give me your blog link so I can link you up zu. I can.not. get to you. I don’t know how to. :S

  3. Zuzu said

    my blog is at zunira.multiply.com… :P who is she? Mine was Dr. Rosalind Phang.

  4. far said

    I didn’t want to name names, but b.u.l.l.s.e.y.e.

  5. Zuzu said

    huh???? reallllllllyyyyyyyy????!!!!! hahahahhahahahahahhah she is known for her ‘frankness’….. :P by the way, i’m linked up to u…… woooohooooo!!!!

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