mumbling skittles

August 24, 2007

This week had been so swarmed with onsets of presentations and assignments on top of the already bottle-neck readings I was supposed to do that Friday came as a surprise. And, although Fridays are always welcomed, this time it just means that its three days away from the much-dreaded, much-detested maths tests. Urgh. I c.a.n.n.o.t stand maths! Maths just operates in a completely different language that my mind forcefully refuses to comprehend. I guess it’s going to be a long, torturous weekend of Numerations systems and Basic Notions. Bleargh.

On a better, better note; school schedule is getting more accomodating now that some modules have ended which therefore leaves more room for plausible night activities with sal and jnnh like 1) jogging, which we planned to do since June but had yet to execute till now under the pretext of continuous long days, and which I don’t actually think we will carry out anytime soon because of the looming fasting months and unceasing truckloads of assignments; 2) cooking, which we had only done once, and even then I had to force myself to gorge down monstrous green vegetables and carrots because my roomates are healthy vegetables people and had decided to cook a healthy vegetable dish for a change; 3) watching tv, [grey’s anatomy! live your dream! identity!]; 4) playing uno and scrabble (yes, we sure work hard and play hard(er) :P) ; and 5) revising, which I have diligently done every now and then :)

Oh. And I can’t wait for next week. My toshiba r500 is due to arrive. Weeeeeeeeeee.





One Response to “mumbling skittles”

  1. Zuzu said

    I can’t believe you hate Maths…. hahaha Like how I hate English… well, I don’t hate English, it’s just that I don’t like the ASSIGNMENTS that come with it!!!!!! ARgh…. hahahha babe…. u wan my files right? I have them in a portable hard drive so anytime u want them, give me a call…. make sure u leave a lot of memory in your TOSHIBA r500….

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