August 26, 2007

Hmm. Where do I start?

1. My productive not-so-little hamsters gave birth again to twice the number of hamsters they gave birth to before. E.i.g.h.t. Yes. If you ask me that’s a whole lot of babies to feed; the poor mother looks so worn out trying to look after every one of the little hamsters, but thankfully they have all made it past at least five days, so that’s great news. They all look so disgustingly cute in their naked pink crinkly skins with growing patches of black  sprouting fur. We have separated the father in another cage for fear of him eating the little hamsters up, and he sure does act all cranky being locked up by himself, he’s made several attempts at attcking  my unsuspecting finger trying to feed him kuaci. Haha. Siapa kena lock up by himself in another cage angkat tangan! Kiki angkat tangan.

2. I should already be back at my hostel by now if not for my mum’s request to stay, in view of us expecting a wedding-planner-guest person over my mum had decided to engage for my brother’s wedding. Considering 1) my brother is an inactive participant of his own wedding, and 2) my dad is the everything-goes sort of person, my mum pretty much only have me, to run through her thoughts with. The thing is, I have a feeling this wedding-planner bugger might not turn up because, for one, he did not even bother to return my call or messages to even re-confirm his attendance. Now tell me if that does not speak volume of himself and of his services. I for one, am not that big a fan of his work, but my mum considered his work reasonable relative to other wedding companies that are either too costly or not meeting much of her expectations. Hmm, I doubt he’ll turn up, but really, for my mum’s sake, I hope he does. Already he’s late.

3. Maths tests tomorrow. Can’t wait for it to be over.



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