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September 4, 2007

We chose to remain cooped up in our hostel room today despite initial plans to 1) go down to school to study 2) go out for a walk in the evening 3) catch a movie and 4) have supper at the hawker centre. We fought valiantly to keep up to our work schedule, but sleep, food, vcds, our constant need for self-amusements have stunted our very noble cause. We have slept and woke, and through it all the concrete of fats and blabblers of cellulites in us have bred and multiplied, hardened and coagulated, yet, our work remains as is.

Jnnh had a sudden propensity to shave off Sal’s hair, an act I highly espouse. We took a crack at convincing her that it would do her good to be bald, or if she’d prefer, we’d leave a circle of hair on the top most of her head, so that at least her headdress won’t slip off her head from the lack of hair entirely, but still, she had declined. Damn. That would have kept us busy.

I want to study and get my assignments all over with but there’s too many of them I either 1) forget about them completely or 2) just do not know where to start. Admittedly I’ve made significant procratination with my Maths reflections; urgh its bloody-maths, and there’s the tonnes of readings for Educational Psychology that is screaming don’t read me because you’ll spoil your bloody eyesight and waste all your ink from highlighting. Bleargh. Double cheeseburger for lunch was great though.



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