them and me; we’re inseparable

September 4, 2007

My migraine spells are back with double the punch. It grabs me by the side of my already messed up brain and then pulls itself by the back of my eye and down the neck. Ooh. Pretty horrid that little thing.

Hmm. We went to the zoo yesterday, but days of all days, it had to pour. I was really pscyched up for the trip looking at how long it had been since my last one and the rain was a real bummer. We managed to hop onto the tram and got a good view of some rhinoceros asses, took in a whiff of the otter’s head-exploding stench, admired a family of majestic white tigers (ooh I love white tigers; they are so white chocolates; defying societal norms. gutsy! hah.), oohed and aaahed at the humongous polar bear and that’s about all. We were quite dampened by the rain, literally and figuratively speaking but managed to revalidate our admissions so that we can come down again within the week when, hopefully, the sun is up. ( :

So. Let’s hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow!


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