dancing in the moonlight

September 9, 2007

In my entire lifespan, the depreciation of time has probably never been more felt. I spend an entire week in school, (1)scrurrying to and from lecture halls and tutorial rooms, in many failed attempts to appease super-anal-licious tutors sickly stringent on late coming; (2) expending whatever vestige of energy left from a long day of school on assignments/readings/revisions; (3) scouring either the hall canteens or nearby food centres for dinner or supper; (4) doing the massive piles of laundry that mount faster than I can say mountain; (5) finding the time to satisfy our emotional needs in order to keep our sanity in check and fulfill self-amusement demands and (6) completing all the in betweens. And then its Friday. And as soon as I leave school for home I find the need to apportion myself to satiate the week-long absent (a) daughter, (b) girlfriend, (c) tutor, (d) friend and (e) hamster-owner role that I am. This is not to say that I am completely work-free over the weekend, because I am not. Talk about being weaved into the monotony of work and life; try living it. Goodness.

Sometimes life does seem to have lost its humour. 

Bleargh. This sounds so uber-ly depressing.



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