premature cremation

September 15, 2007

There was something about the air in NIE yesterday that was just so freaking sedating. I had three modules yesterday spanning through the day and in each of the modules I had trouble just keeping my eyes open. My eyelids were as heavy as having me sit on it, and for most of it the battle was too strenuous I gladly conceded defeat. :P

One of my chinese friend took up on my invitation to fast; a feat I highly applaud him for. I thought it was darn sweet of him to get immersed with the whole fasting culture, and other than a really slumberous day, a perpetual growling tummy, the occasional delusions that the water cooler was seemingly attractive and that I was being really saddistic and enjoyed watching him suffer (which I did not!) , he did take away a greater appreciation of the whole fasting thing and I’m sure a much bigger appreciation of the food that awaits him come break-fast. Haha. You go Ephrem! How about next friday? :P

I am especially glad to be home this weekend, I don’t quite know why. Suddenly being alone in my room and fighting over food with my brothers, sleeping with my mum and irritating my father when he was sleeping took on a whole new, pleasurable dimension. Still, I have a sense the jealousy of time will compel me back to my hall pretty soon. Hmm, this is quite emotionally jolting. I really miss home. :(  Can I not go back?

Oh. One of my poor hamster died. The one with the dislocated bone. So sad. So so sad. We especially loved him.


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