it’s lovely when you smile

September 16, 2007

That my horoscope today reads: Today, you are absolutely radiating power and can make major changes in your life is a ha-bloody-ha. Yah. Sure. Clearly the idea of constructing a mathematics lesson plan sounds like ‘radiating power’ enough to some people (oooooooooh), but well, putting it in self-context, the only major change that might be taking place by the time I’m done with this is the fact that I would have probably crossed the line of sanity and beyond. Urgh. I’d do anything not to do this one. Anything. Give me psychology readings, give me purposeless communication skill breathing exercises, give me laundry to wash, give me toilet to scrub! Urgh. Any-freaking-thing but maths lesson plan. I seriously have never known how to write one. I mean, how do you actually write maths? Writing is English-related, and Maths, crap-related. To inter-twine the art of writing with the load of maths crap is just too brain-taxing. Its like mixing oil and water. Shouldn’t we just stick to do-ing maths? Goodness that was a rambling-load-of-bull-shit. That’s just how messed up my head is. Blame it on maths. Yes, so I have an external locus of control. No surprises there.




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